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I highly recommend this presentation to students, whanau, and staff. It is raw at times but the sense of truth, reaching out, survival and celebration are woven through and into the integrity of Hunter’s message.

This is not the end of Hunter’s journey, it is the “awakening”. We look forward to following his progress.

Hunter and Therese ticked all my intention boxes and the gifts that I would want tamariki and their whanau to place into their kete: pride, hope, vision, achievement and celebration; sprinkled with the joy’s of recovery and discovery.

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Kia tau te rangimarie.


Independent School-Based Career Consultant.



Hunter Wilson, AKA King Cass graced us with his presence, showcasing his talents with a powerful combination of music and humour with a touch of drama.
As the telling of his journey began, I could see that he was connecting with people in the room, some youth could relate to Hunter’s story, they had walked in the same shoes he had, had travelled down the same tracks and some were still on the same journey he had been on.

The show was approximately 80 minutes long, I was concerned that this group of young people might lose focus they did not, they stayed engaged throughout the entire performance. Before we knew it, his story had come to an end.

This was when I witnessed the true King Cass in his element, interacting with everyone who had patiently but willingly listened to his story. Youth started sharing with him their own stories, the obstacles they faced and their own journeys. They were relating to Hunter’s story and being a part of the King Cass Presentation gave them hope.

Showing that if you persevere and have the right mindset and have positive people around you even the darkest of days have rays of hope, “you just have to believe.



I loved the dark-to-light show.

I sadly lost my old boss to suicide and I really wish that he saw the light.

It made me feel really good  knowing that there are people that you can ask for  it made me feel this way because my sister was in rehab and she asked for help.

I’m so happy that she did because she was in a really dark space  but I’m really glad that she could see the light at the end of the tunnel I highly recommend it


Kezzy B


OMGOODNESS it took a while to come to fruition but was so worth the wait.

As I said to you Hunter King Cass Wilson and Therese Spinks the real thing was at least 500% better than I anticipated.

Thanks heaps to the team who helped organise this for Milton and made it run like a well oiled machine on the night👏👏👏< you are all legends and I just love being a part of all you do ❤️🤗🌻💯

Jean P


The formative years are a very tough phase of life, especially in the current times we find ourselves living in. Young people are developing mental disorders like never before, spiralling them down a path that for many, ultimately ends in their destruction. They live with these silent killers daily, not knowing how to overcome them and break free of them. The injustice is that we are losing our young people to suicide more than at any time in history. We are in a war for life, and it is a  battle that has to be won. 

At a time such as this, we need solutions. Hunter Wilson, aka King Cass, is an answer. He is one of God’s secret weapons and is on a mission to unlock and expose the enemies that constantly haunt us. He is a highly talented man who tells his uncompromising, harrowing story through “The Awakening,” of how a mother and son escaped their mental health issues and drug addictions to give hope to a lost world. 

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of “The Awakening.” The brutal story not only touched my heart, but Hunter himself exuded a beautiful healing presence that is infectious. “The Awakening” is nothing short of a moving encounter that changes lives and should be on the agenda of every school and youth organisation

MNZM, Advocate for children with a parent in prison.


It is my privilege to be writing this endorsement for the “Awakenings” presentation run by Hunter (aka King Cass) and Therese Wilson.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly which category this dynamic presentation fits into. Awakenings combines, rap, acting, humour, kapahaka, audio visual elements as well as traditional presentation techniques. One thing is certain however and that is, it “hits the mark!” Rangatahi (and adults for that matter) who may be experiencing issues such as those touched on during this performance know intuitively when a performance focussed on themes such as these is legit or not. Awakenings “keeps it real” and the connection with the audience was powerful and amazing to witness.

The presentation itself was polished and had a great connect but for me the real magic was in the interaction afterwards. The outpouring of emotion from members of the audience was something I had not witnessed before. It was very clear that people were moved, so much so that one member of the audience performed a haka in response. It was powerful.

Hunter bravely lays bare many difficult periods in an extraordinary life lived but does so in such a way as to provide hope to those who may be engaged in struggles of their own. It takes courage to be so open and I know the audience recognise and appreciate that integrity.

I have no qualms at all in recommending the Awakenings presentation as a very useful and effective tool for schools or organisations to employ when looking for engaging ways to address some of the myriad issues being faced by our Rangatahi and wider community. 


Heya thought I would message you after the presentation in chch and say seeing your emotions towards your son hunter was inspiring and showed the complete light to the love haha.

Energized me and enlightened me to a final massive change that I thankyous all in the movement and family as I was unaware of ya lives. and mumma huge hugs and glitter was thrown over ya you did it ya son Hunter you Therese and big daddy cass.

Your inspiration to life and saved me much like Hunter, so thankyou I love ya cass fam. Love and light.

Many more journeys ahead but cookie time was a big thank you from me to all your family thank you for bringing me to life my heroes. Never give up keep doing what ya do we see you. I cannot say enough but damn lol have a good one.

Jake F


I started following the movement about 2 years ago after a suicide attempt and my husband was a recovering drug addict.

In the last 2 years following the movement it has given me so much more confidence and it has helped me realize that it’s okay to ask for help.

My daughter is 5 now and in the last 2 years following the movement she has come out of her shell and has so much more confidence in herself.

She absolutely adores hunter and loves coming with me to his performances, when your a part of the movement your definitely a part of a family

Rebecca K

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