Old Days EP 1.0

A lonely boy once stood uncertain of the circles he kept, the adventures his mind had traveled and the paths he walked to get to be living his dream today. ‘Old Days’ EP 1.0 features 5 tracks that are like a time capsule experiencing all the highs and lows of what life throws at us whilst maintaining the fire energy that King Cass puts into writing his songs and keeping you lit with drill messages, heavy basslines and catchy hooks.

‘Who Dat’ draws on trend setting, and just being comfortable within yourself and not worrying about how others or your inner critic might portray your character.

‘Most High’ jumps on a spiritual journey of manifestation and giving thanks to others without judgement. So much kindness to spread throughout this EP it’s infectious.

You ever heard the saying ‘Hat Trick’ well this is all about success, this track is a collaboration with Jordan Henare punching at the grind ‘private jets, no baggage’ referring to taking flight through the movement, not carrying any burdens and breaking cycles.

Old Days EP 1.0 is about acknowledging true friendships and supporting each other’s aspirations, feeling out the law of attraction around you and knowing that you can achieve what you put your mind to.

Lockdown is a bonus track rerelease

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